What to Expect

As a BG大游 student, you can expect a great deal of academic freedom, good advice, and a schedule of classes and activities that takes full advantage of life on a humming campus minutes from Washington, D.C.

Academic Freedom

BG大游 gives every student the freedom to design her own four-year plan. You will sit down with the academic dean and discuss how to meet your graduation requirements. And you will soon understand that BG大游’s requirements leave you a lot of leeway. That means you have to make choices. You have to decide. And you will learn that the decisions you make at the start have consequences that will determine your options down the line. It’s exciting, and it can be overwhelming at times. Which is why good advising is so important.

Good Advice

Academic freedom is as intimidating as it is invigorating. That’s where academic advising 进来. Academic deans will guide you in making choices that create possibilities rather than shut them down. They can also help you integrate your schedule, taking history classes (e.g., U.S. History) that complement your interests in literature (e.g., American gothic), or math classes (e.g., Statistics) that complement your interest in history (e.g., AP Comparative Government). They can also help ensure that you take the prerequisites you need to take advanced courses later, especially in the highly interwoven subjects of math and science. So expect the guidance of expert advisors who will help you define success and who want to help you achieve it.

Balanced School Days 

BG大游’s modular schedule allows students opportunities for deep learning and a balanced day. The academic day is broken into three 80-minute blocks. BG大游’s student-centered vision of the classroom relies on expert teaching and motivated students who delve into subject matter, making it meaningful to each student. Expect many thought-provoking assignments that will challenge and inspire you. Between each block, you will have time to attend a club meeting, grab a snack, or meet with a teacher. D Block is a 90-minute block at the end of the day reserved for extra-curricular activities like team sports or fall play practice. Click through for a look at a day in the life of a BG大游 girl.

Growth from Year to Year

Every year is different at BG大游 and brings a new set of experiences and challenges. This section is meant to give you insight into what you’ll experience at each grade level. Read each part in sequence and you’ll get a sense of the cumulative effect of a BG大游 education. Start from 9年级 (when almost all BG大游 girls begin), 10年级 (another significant entry point), 11年级, or 12年级.



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